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Travel to Indonesia to experience everything from the unique culture and food of the "spice islands" to some of the best diving and surfing anywhere on the planet. Visit rapidly modernizing Jakarta; see why Bali gained its lure; or head for the outskirts in provinces such as Sulawesi and Sumatra; or head for nature to see the Komodo dragon and other rare animals.
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Indonesia's expanse of islands and ocean spanning the equator offers visitors unparalleled access to everything from outdoor adventures to cultural extravaganzas. Try the food, hike the volcanoes, or brave the surf and ocean.
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Traveling from city to city has become more convenient and less expensive lately with the rise of competing Indonesian airlines and better roads. But traveling locally is often an adventure with buses, trains and boats providing last mile access.
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Indonesia, a Paradise in Southeast Asia

If you are aching to have a grand vacation and have enough financial resources to have one, Indonesia would be a great tropical getaway from hectic life of the city. There are so many wonderful reasons why tourists find Indonesia a paradise getaway and one of them is the lush tropical landscape that the country offers complete with volcanoes, thick green forest and exotic natural plants. Staying in Hotels in Lombok or in Bali Island Villas, two of the most exotic places in Indonesia can give you the most exhilarating vacation experience of your life. Indonesia is surrounded by crystal clear warm water alongside volcanic beaches. The place abounds with beautiful sceneries almost everywhere you go. Aside from experiencing the warm climate in Bali and Lombok the place is also perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, or just lying and relaxing on the beach.

In Indonesia, Bali is the more populated place compared to Lombok but both are renowned tourist destination of the country. Bali offers various resorts and hotels such as Hotels in Nusa Dua Bali and for the budget conscious, there are Cheap Hotel Chains that are quite affordable in the place. Private villas on both Bali and Lombok will allow you to enjoy wonderful stay where you can have access to beaches and hotels that offers amenities such as pools, Jacuzzis and other first class accommodations. One of the place's tourist attractions is the friendly treatment and service that is given to you. You will be treated to ultimate in luxury where you can experience the most beautiful tropical sunset, vividly colored marine fishes, exotic flowers and plants, fine climate and the best underwater marine adventure.

Jakarta, the main capital of Indonesia is also a wonderful vacation place to visit. Even with its urban atmosphere, Jakarta Tourist Attraction is still one of the most unique in the world. The place is the most populous in Indonesia that spreads over 661 square kilometers in Northern Java. Jakarta is one of the most beautiful places in Southeast Asia which anybody can visit all year round. The tourist destination has the perfect blends of architecture and culture often identified as a mixture of India and Bangkok. The place has always been a representative of Indonesian history and culture. The city has many attractions and tourist spots which will awe you. Jakarta has some of the finest museums this side of Southeast Asia and this is one tourist spot that has never been missed by travelers who visits the place. Indonesia is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that boast of more than 17,000 smaller islands. Like the more popular Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi and Sumatra, the remaining islands also offers nice beaches that tourist can visits to swim, surf and dive. Most international flights in Indonesia land in Jakarta, the reason why most tourists start their vacation trips visiting Java, an island of smoking volcanoes rising out of the fertile jungles. This is where the legendary volcano Krakatoa is located and its eruption during the late 1800s was one of the biggest ever recorded in history.
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